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Do I Really Need a Flu Shot?

By December 2, 2019December 17th, 2019No Comments
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Do you need the flu vaccine?

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Between 5% and 20% of all Americans get the flu each year. According to the CDC, an estimated 200,000 are hospitalized and 36,000 die from complications each year.

The CDC recommends that everyone ages 6 months and older should get the flu vaccine every season with rare exceptions. It is extremely important for people who are at high risk of developing serious flu complications listed here.

An annual flu shot is the best way to help protect you and your loved ones. Vaccination has been shown to reduce the risk of illnesses, hospitalizations, and even death.

How does the flu vaccine work?

Research is conducted that identifies the most common upcoming seasonal flu strains. Then vaccines are prepared to combat these viruses. These vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies provide protection against infection with the viruses that are used to make the vaccine.

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