Clinical-Grade Supplements

I have searched for supplements that make a difference and finally found what I was looking for with NUTRAscriptives. What sets these supplements apart from others you find at the grocery store, health food stores, or online?

  • Firstly, these supplements are verified with their potency and purity through 3rd party testing.
  • Secondly, each one has adherence to compliance testing and quality processes.
  • Further, the plant-based ingredients are free from unnecessary allergens and fillers.
  • Moreover, each supplement is made through a collaboration between pharmacists and medical professionals.
  • Finally, this compounding pharmacy called MedQuest, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, states, “We believe that everyone deserves the best value possible and are proud to offer premium products at a price outweighed by the quality, safety, and benefits.”

This is a company I can stand behind. Above all, I want to know that my patients are getting quality supplements that will be easily absorbed so they can feel their best. If you have questions about the supplements or are wondering if a certain supplement is right for you, please reach out to Sue.

To order, click the button below and when you check out, make sure you list Sue Jardine in the “Provider Referral” box so if there are any issues, I can communicate with NUTRAscriptives on your behalf.

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