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Cold and Flu

When to See a Doctor for a Cold or Flu

Man with cold and when to see a doctor

Sure, when it comes to the cold and/or flu, we all know the symptoms. We recognize the annoying cough, the scratchy throat, stuffy nose and the many sneezes. Symptoms of the flu include fever, body aches, headaches, runny nose, and sore throat. But when is it time to put away the chicken soup and tea and stop by a clinic? Take note of your symptoms fitting into any of these patterns:

It’s hard to breath or you have chest pain.

A cold or flu shouldn’t make you short of breath. If this is happening to you, it could be a sign of something more serious such as asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia. In other words, call your doctor asap!

Congestion and heachaces won’t go away.

Allergies or colds can block up your nose with mucus. This can later lead to a sinus infection, which may require antibiotics. If cold medicine doesn’t give any relief, consult your doctor.

Your fever won’t break.

If your fever doesn’t go down, it could be a sign you have another infection in your body in need of treatment. An adult fever is classified as anything over 100.4 degrees F.

Your cough is persistent.

If your cough just won’t go away, it could be due to postnasal drip. But it could also be related to asthma, GERD, pneumonia, or even whooping cough. If you’ve been hacking for more than 2-3 weeks, it’s time to check yourself in to a doctor.

You feel like something is just ‘off.’

It’s important when experiencing cold or flu symptoms to also trust your instincts. For instance, if you’re feeling worse than ever before, or symptoms are exceptionally painful or severe – it never hurts to get checked out!

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